Praise and Worship Band

Kingwood offers students in middle and high school the opportunity to be a part of a student-led worship team which include full instruments as well as vocals. Student provide live music and vocals for the weekly Chapel services as well as other events such as “See You At The Pole”. These students exhibit true leadership ability by keeping their grades up, keeping a positive attitude toward fellow classmates, and practicing every morning to lead the student body in worship.

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Elementary Chorus


Kingwood offers students in K-5 through 3rd grade many opportunities to sing.  Our kindergarten students put on a special Christmas and graduation performance as well as participating with our 1st through 4th grades in our Fine Arts  Night production in May.  Each elementary class gets a turn to help lead our worship songs in their own Elementary Chapel each Thursday.  We often work on special music for our PTO programs each month. These elementary students learn about reading musical notes, symbols, and dynamic notations as they practice their singing skills.

Lions Choir


Kingwood offers students in 4th through 8th grade an opportunity to be a part of the Lions Choir.  These students work hard  learning Christmas songs to sing with our Band in concerts and in the Alabaster Parade.  They also learn songs to sing for our AISA Choral Festival in the spring.  Along with all the music and theory, they also learn about several composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods of music as well as trying their hand at rhythm instruments, recorders and bells.