Parent Testimonials

Updated 6/2018

This is my child’s first year at KCS. We have been very impressed by the individual attention she has received in the classroom. The teachers go above and beyond to help her. The school provides a safe, nurturing environment for their students and encourage them through biblical teachings and values to thrive. We have been warmly welcomed by the administration, teachers and students. The involvement of the administration is like none I’ve ever seen…how may school principal’s give you their cell number and text you after hours to congratulate your child on special achievements? Mrs. Gray at KCS does! I highly recommend this school. It’s truly a partnership in your child’s education.

Our kids have been at Kingwood for 8 years. We love the Christ-centered environment with weekly chapel services, small class sizes to foster close relationships with fellow students and the wonderful faculty and staff. We have been very pleased with all of our teachers and the education that our kids are getting at Kingwood. It is a safe, loving environment and our kids do not want to be anywhere else. They love going to school and that makes us so happy!

I am a graduate of KCS and I’m now a parent of a student there. We love our family there! And that is exactly how we feel, it is like everyone is family. My child is greeted by numerous staff members by name every single morning. They all truly care about each and every student. I love the small class sizes which provides a very beneficial teacher/student ratio.

Kingwood Christian School is a family. You will feel that way the minute you walk into the school. The administration knows all the kids and loves on them like her own.

Kingwood has a safe Christian environment for children to learn and prepare them for college and life.

Staff knows every student by name. Whole brain learning principals reinforce concepts and make learning fun.

Wonderful school! My oldest child has been at KCS for 13 years. He graduates in May . His siblings attend as well. Plan on staying at KCS until they all graduate! Two thumbs up.

Kingwood Christian School provides a Christ centered environment in which students are able to learn. My children appreciated the small classes and the caring teachers. They benefited from strong academics and the opportunity to participate in various extra-curricular activities. They were well prepared to go to college and excel.

Excellent school with teachers who truly care about the students and providing the best education possible .

Kingwood has caring staff and administration. KCS has a God centered environment. The Fine Arts Department gives students the opportunity to shine in Art, Chorus and Band.

Great staff! Individual attention and small class size make a unique environment. Family atmosphere.

I have three kids and a total of over 20 years of Kingwood Christian School experience between them. Excellent admin, hands on teachers. Great overall experience.

KCS is the best of the best. Small student to teacher ratio, Godly setting, great teachers, and wonderful staff!!

I am a graduate of KCS and I’m now a parent of a student there. We love our family there! And that is exactly how we feel, it is like everyone is family. My child is greeted by numerous staff members by name every single morning. They all truly care about each and every student. I love the small class sizes which provides a very beneficial teacher/student ratio.

There will always be schools that excel in different areas, ranging from athletics and extra curricular to academics and technology. I love that KCS stays current in all these areas while staying true to the reason we have our kids in the school…a loving, Christian environment. My children are not only growing smart in their studies but are being spiritually strengthened, daily, by the curriculum, teachers, and programs in place. I trust their heart and feel safe with my children at Kingwood.

Kingwood continues to improve each year in overall quality. Expectation levels for both faculty and students are now higher than ever which has enhanced the academic climate. The spiritual atmosophere is richer now with the addition of a Spiritual Emphasis Week, visiting guest speakers in weekly chapels and student-led Bible studies. KCS enjoys a warm, friendly camaraderie among students and faculty which invites a genuine, helpful support system for those who might be struggling. KCS isn’t perfect, but it’s moving in the right direction.

I teach middle school at KCS. I love the community, the faculty, and the kids. It feels like a home where we support each other. Class sizes are small and there is an abundance of extracurricular activities. I highly recommend it!

Kingwood Christian school is exactly what education should be. It’s about holistic student development in an academically strong environment.

KCS was a wonderful school for me where I had lots of opportunities to be involved and excell. I was well-prepared for college and received over $1.2 million in offers from 15 colleges and universities. I made lifelong friends and loved my teachers. It is a great family environment with great administration! Go Lions!

Everyone is nice and in a Christian environment. The food is amazing. The staff treats everyone equally. I love how it is a small school, meaning more attention to the students. I believe with this academic focus and college preparation, I am college ready in no time.

I’ve been at Kingwood since kindergarten. I love the small class sizes. Administration is always there to help, no matter what it is.

Our kids have been at Kingwood for 8 years. We love the Christ-centered environment with weekly chapel services, small class sizes to foster close relationships with fellow students and the wonderful faculty and staff. We have been very pleased with all of our teachers and the education that our kids are getting at Kingwood. It is a safe, loving environment and our kids do not want to be anywhere else. They love going to school and that makes us so happy!

Coming from a public school, at first I had no idea if I would like Kingwood , but now I enjoy the teachers, the food, the people, and the activities. It’s small which is a good thing for me , because at my old school we had about 300 to 400 students. It’s easier to get around to classes and less chaotic. If you want to go to a smaller school, Kingwood Christian School!. Not only can you meet new people , you can also praise God without someone coming up to you and complaining. This is the place to be !!!

We love Kingwood Christian!! Wonderful teachers and extracurricular activities.
If you are looking for a Christian learning environment for your children, choose Kingwood!

This is my child’s first year at KCS. We have been very impressed by the individual attention she has received in the classroom. The teachers go above and beyond to help her. The school provides a safe, nurturing environment for their students and encourage them through biblical teachings and values to thrive. We have been warmly welcomed by the administration, teachers and students. The involvement of the administration is like none I’ve ever seen…how may school principal’s give you their cell number and text you after hours to congratulate your child on special achievements? Mrs. Gray at KCS does! I highly recommend this school. It’s truly a partnership in your child’s education.

We were searching for a quality private school with a Christian environment. KCS gave us a warm welcome and invited our kids to attend classes for one day to see if they liked it. All three of our kids came home excited and really enjoyed the KCS experience. KCS offers a professional staff who provide a superior education, while making you feel like family in a Christian environment. We recommend KCS to any family looking for a quality private education.

My family has had a wonderful experience at Kingwood Christian School. As an educator myself, I have been very pleased with the academics, spiritual emphasis and personal growth that my child has experienced at KCS.

All the teachers care about their students mentally and physically.

Our child has grown academically, athletically, and spiritually since attending KCS. I wish we had transferred him sooner. There are always complaints regardless of where you are, but overall we are very pleased.

Highly recommend this school to anyone!

I graduated in 1999 from KCS and now have my children attending. I can easily say that the Christian education, teacher:student ratio, dedication to above average learning, and overall love and care from faculty is something you can not easily find in public schools. I am proud of Kingwood and gladly recommend it!

The school excels in every area. Kids leave ready for college and life. I’m proud my kids are a part of kingwood.

It is great because of the small size.

Guidance counselor is very helpful to all students.

Many extracurricular opportunities to choose from.

My children have been very successful at this school and would not choose to go anywhere else. They love this school.

The administration does a good job trying to keep the students on track. There are always students who try to get away with stuff which makes for a stricter policy for everyone else but the effort is put into place for everyones benefit.

I think that this school does a good job looking out for our students. There is security in place to ensure that our kids our safe. There is a nurse on site to help make sure our kids are feeling well. There is no tolerance for bullying.

Dedicated, hard working, christian staff!

Teachers really care about the children. Wonderful small class size, christian curriculum.

Administration are open to any concerns the parents may have.

All kinds of sports, band, art classes, tutoring.

Clean, safe and secure. Security guard on staff full time!

Teachers are knowledgeable and hard-working. They make their expectations very clear and communicate well with parents and students. Most teachers use a variety of teaching methods to reach students with various learning styles. They are consistent with grading, discipline, and communication.

My child has had an excellent experience at KCS. He has received encouragement, support, and motivation from his teachers, and he has made good friends who are a good influence on him. I know his teachers and administrators care about him and look out for his best interests.

The facilities are very clean. The hallways are painted yearly, and the classrooms are painted as needed. Carpet is replaced and repairs and updates are made periodically. The school is adding more and more technology each year and offers tech workshops to teachers on a weekly basis.

Administration is very supportive and helpful. Administration and teachers communicate often and well with parents.

We have quite a few sports and activities available: Varsity, JV, and Pee-wee football; Varsity, JV, and Pee-wee cheer; band; basketball; softball; baseball; volleyball; track; after-school art; foreign languages.

Bullying is not tolerated at all. As for safety, we have a full-time School Resource Officer on campus, and the classroom doors are locked during the day except when classes are changing. We have a school nurse who is on campus daily, and we have a principal who enforces health and safety.

My student is a Senior and I would definitely choose Kingwood Christian again. The experiences we have had from K5 to senior year have been priceless. Caring teachers, small environment, Christian atmosphere, great friends, fantastic band program, top-notch academics. My son carries a 4.2 GPA and scored a 29 on the ACT. Kingwood is home!

Principal is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure parents and students are cared for.

Teachers here really seem to care about their students.

I love the small classroom sizes making it possible for students to get the help they need and slip under the radar like they so often do in public schools.

The school is constantly making improvements to the campus and the classrooms.

Our administration is very supportive and helpful. Our guidance counselor is amazing too and very quick to help students who are struggling for whatever reason.

There are a lot of different things the students here can participate in, including eight different sports, art, foreign language, band, etc.

Our teachers are great at keeping our students in a safe environment.

All of the teachers are certified and/or have Master’s degrees in their area.

Very glad to be a part of KCS!

Building is old but they are doing updates often. What makes it great are the teachers and education.

We have a great administration who loves and cares about our success.

We have pee wee sports as well as tennis, track, golf, baseball, basketball, softball, weight training, football, volleyball, cheerleading and many more. Several of our teams are State Championship teams. Great coaches who really care.

Kingwood Christian School’s Mission Statement says, “The mission of Kingwood Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered environment where students are challenged to achieve spiritual growth and academic excellence.” The faculty, staff, students, families, and leadership are partners to ensure this mission is realized. KCS has graduates attending medical school, Harvard University, and a vast variety of colleges and universities . They have students participating in college marching bands whether playing an instrument, performing as a majorette, or as a member of the color guard. Some are cheerleaders while others are playing sports. Others choose to serve their communities as firemen or EMTs. KCS students are involved in every facet of life; teaching, nursing, engineering, etc. Every student has a multitude of opportunities available to them and KCS helps them to achieve their goals and dreams. I would highly recommend that parents seriously consider sending their child/children to Kingwood Christian School.

Teachers are always available to help any student that struggles.

Anytime bullying is suspected, observed, or reported, everything within the power of the leadership is done to get to the bottom of the situation and correct it. It is not tolerated.

Students are given an opportunity to complete work in the classroom where they can receive help from the teacher. If students don’t complete their assignment, they take it home to complete it. There is some homework given for students to have the chance to practice what they have learned and increase their knowledge and experience.

The teachers are always available to tutor and help their students. Math tutoring is offered once a week every week for students. Any time students have a problem and need guidance the teachers are there to listen. They are able to speak life into their students through the Word of God and through their prayers.

All students at the school take a Bible class each day where character, integrity, compassion, respect, kindnees, etc. are taught through God’s Word. The school chosses a charity each year and raises money for that charity during Homecoming week. The senior class selects a charity or need and raise money during the school year for that cause. At graduation, they present the recipient with the monies raised. In each class teachers maintain, expect, and encourage these character traits. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The leadership has an open door policy and is always available to students, parents, faculty, and staff. They are willing to listen and do everything within their power to resolve any issues. There are times when we all agree to disagree but everyone’s voice is heard.

Our son graduated from KCS. It was a great experience for us. His KCS education prepared him well for the challenges he faced at the university level.

Students receive one-on-one help if needed. Tutoring is made available for free.

Bullying is not tolerated. Teachers have been instructed to stop bullying when they see it occur.

Expectations are generally made clear by the teachers.

Teachers are all qualified in their fields and are expected to complete further training during the year.

Students receive training through daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services. Additionally, there is an annual Spiritual Emphasis Week.

The administration and school board provide sound leadership for the school.

Both of my children excelled at KCS. My daughter is entering her junior year in college and because of her years at KCS she has been on eith the Dean’s list or President’s list each semester.

Teachers use different means of grading other than tests so that students who are not good test takers still have the opportunity to work hard and make good grades.

Bullying is not tolerated in any grade. If a student or parent bring it to the attention of the teacher or administration it is dealt with on individual basis.

The teachers give homework as a follow up to what is taught in class. Some even give time in class to complete so they are there to answer questions.

Kingwood Christian is an admirable school that stands strong in its Christian values, in order to produce well educated, Christ-like adults, while exposing them to a number of extracurriculars that are taught at very high level.

Strong Christian values are instilled in students across the board from k5-12.

My grandchildren made the switch to Kingwood this past year. Our second grader has already mastered cursive writing and is doing multiplication. A big difference is the class size, with the smaller class size the teachers are able to teach. No longer having to wait for the weakest student to catch up before moving ahead. It is a wonderful school with a dedicated staff.

The school has a zero tolerance policy to bullying. It is enforced by the teachers as well as the administration.

While they do not have all the resources available in public school, the teachers make an effort to help those students who need extra help.

The principal, Mrs. Ruth Gray, is very involved in the day to day operation of the school as well as the students. It is nice when you have a principal who makes an effort to know the students.

Kingwood has chapel weekly as well as teaching Bible as part of it’s curriculum. This points them to good values.

The teachers use very creative methods to engage the students in learning. Lots of hand on experiences which makes learning fun.

In homework, reading is highly emphasized. They have required reading and also must read so many minutes in a night as homework. It is not excessive but it helps you to see the work that the student is doing. They keep you very informed.

I love that the faculty have chosen to work in a Christian environment, taking the time to encourage my child both academically and spiritually. All 3 of my children attend and we are very pleased.

“Kids will be kids” and while you cannot assure families that their children will be totally free from bullies, in my experience, KCS doesn’t tolerate bullying and the teachers are always on watch for all students, making sure they are being treated in a way that is respectful.

Kingwood is such an incredible school! I have two children there and my third will be starting K next year. The teachers care so much about the kids and it is small and close knit that we almost feel like family. The principal knows my kids and makes an effort to know the names of everyone in the elementary school. The staff is amazing as well. My kids will continue to go to KCS until they graduate! Very, very highly recommended.

We have 3 children at KCS. Our kids all started in preschool with Kingwood. We currently have one in 10th, 7th and 3rd grade. Absolutely love the school, teachers, students and Christian environment.

I am a teacher for a public school system but my son goes to Kingwood. We placed him at KCS for the academics and the students. The students are kind to each other, I know that this is taught in school and at home but the students seem to enjoy each other in the elementary school. We have also been very grateful for the Christian values presented and practiced in the school, at the football games, and at PTO meetings. We have also been pleased with the academics-he is functioning about 1/2 a year AHEAD of a public school classroom. We love it and can not say enough good things about the school, teachers, staff, and principal.

My daughter currently attends Kingwood Christian School. She is only in the second grade, but has already experienced the incredible way this private school treats their students. From day one, when she entered Kindergarden, the teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure she is on track and have been wonderful about keeping me and her Dad informed. The only “bad” thing I can think of is that one of her teachers from first grade was slightly unsatisfactory, but the very next year, this teacher was no longer teaching there. We just last year have a new principal who is absolutely wonderful. I feel very confident that my daughter will receive the best education at this school. Her brother is currently enrolled at the Kingwood Christian Child Development Center (daycare), and will move forward to join his sister at Kingwood School. I just can not praise this school enough! Thank you, teachers and staff, for all you do each day! Oh, the summer fun program is incredible too. It is a “camp” where the kids go on field trips and play, but also have the opportunity for summer enrichment with tutors. Thank you, thank you, Kingwood!!! Go Lions!!!!

Our family has been blessed to be apart of the Kingwood Christian School family.  We chose to move our kids from public school to KCS when they were in 7th and 4th grades.  This was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made for them.  Kingwood has provided many excellent leadership opportunities, an environment based on morals and values, a small student to teach ratio,  a variety of extracurricular activities, many close knit friendships, and a wonderful education.  We are so glad to call Kingwood our home. The Church Family- Dan, Jennifer, Anna Kate(9th grade), and Carson(6th grade)

My son, Jaxon, began sixth grade at KCS this year. From the very first time we visited and spoke with Mrs. Gray I knew that we were home. The experience that we have had at Kingwood has been better than I could have hoped for. As a public school teacher myself, I hold teachers and administrators to a high standard. I have been highly impressed with the academics, spiritual emphasis and social development that my son has received. I am thankful for Mrs. Gray and her staff and know that any prospective parents and students will be welcomed with open arms! 

I couldn’t completely figure out what to say but about 10 days ago, God gave me that “blinking sign”…..I was giving Eli a bath and out of the blue he said, “Mommy, I asked Jesus into my heart, I want to get baptized!”  I just sat there in shock and complete happiness! My heart felt so full at that moment! I KNOW the reason for this is because of Kingwood! I know Mrs Kennemer teaching my baby about our good Lord caused this. Do u think if he had been at a public school where they condemn prayer and make it so “taboo” to even mention your Faith, that would’ve happened?!?! I KNOW without a doubt Kingwood is the reason my child accepted Jesus in his heart! So if Eternal Salvation isn’t important to u, if special attention from teachers isn’t important to u, if doubling your scores in six months isn’t important to u, then public schools is the way to go. As for my family, every single one of those things are more than important to us…so we are extremely BLESSED and THANKFUL to call Kingwood home. 

Kingwood Christian School has been a blessing to our family. We feel the teachers at Kingwood Christian School really care about the students. The teachers and staff have gone out of their way to help support our son in every way. The Kingwood staff have always been available in and out of the classroom to help us map out a solution for our child’s progress. We are very glad to be a part of such a beautiful “Christ “centered School . I believe that is what makes this school so very special to our heart. 

I chose Kingwood Christian School because I felt led of God to do so.  This has been his first year there.  He is in second grade and he goes in with a smile every morning and comes out with one in the afternoon.He loves his teacher and she loves him.

We came to Kingwood in search of balance and belonging after a brief encounter at one of the largest high schools in the state. The combination of sheer size, lack of community, rigorous schedule, finding a place to fit in, and pressure to succeed became too overwhelming not only to a 14 year old, but to us as parents who were struggling to help our child find a way to juggle it all.  Taking a leap of faith to leave all that behind and give our child a fresh start at KCS was the best decision we could have ever made for him.  We found everything we were searching for, and the joy in our son’s heart is confirmation of that.  Kingwood already feels like family, and there is a peace that comes along with that.  It’s truly been a blessing.  

Our family joined the Kingwood family when we enrolled our son at the CDC when he was 7 months old.  Through the years I have watched our son grow academically, but more importantly I have seen him develop a strong spiritual foundation that will serve him well in the future.  The teachers and other staff members genuinely care about the students and strive to help them develop the knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful in all aspects of life.  One of the things I appreciate most, is Miss Gray’s willingness to answer any question, or to address any concerns that we may have in a timely manner.  Kingwood School works hard each day to ensure they are providing a healthy environment where children can thrive and be the best they can be.  My husband and I feel secure in knowing that our son is in a safe, healthy, god centered environment each day at KCS.

We chose KCS for our children because our priority was for our children to have an education that included biblical studies. To that end, our children have had Bible classes daily and grown spiritually during their twelve years at KCS. In addition, we have appreciated the low student-teacher ratio at KCS. Pat

We really are so happy. I just asked my daughter yesterday if she was happy at KCS and she said, “Yes but why are you asking?” I told her it was time for re-enrollment and I wanted to make sure this is where she wanted to be. She responded, “Yes. I love it!” 🙂  She has gone all in! She participated in the spelling bee, she’s playing softball and she was SO excited about the Science Fair today!!! It makes me so happy to see her engaged and happy!

Our journey with Kingwood began with the CDC where it was extremely obvious that the teachers and staff truly loved all of the children.  Since we had such a wonderful experience at the CDC, when it came time to enroll in school we decided to give Kingwood a try.  We are so thankful that we did.  The love they show the children is amazing, the small class sizes allow for a more in depth interactive learning experience, the academics are challenging, and they keep Christian teachings a top focus.

We have very high expectations when it comes to the education of our child.  Kingwood continues to not only meet, but exceed our expectations.  They are at the top of their game academically, the administration is always easily accessible, and they practice Christian values.  Our child is now excelling as a fifth grader and we are so very thankful that she has the opportunity to attend Kingwood.

Let me take a brief moment to introduce our little family. We live in Calera and have two daughters. Our oldest is a Freshman at Kingwood Christian School and our baby will start Kindergarten in the 2019-2020 school year. I guess you could say we are “long timers” here at KCS. We have been a part of the Kingwood Christian School family since June 2008, when our oldest started attending the Summer Fun Program ahead of her Kindergarten year, I am a member of the KCS Lions’ Pride Booster Club and my husband volunteer coaches on the football and softball teams.We are often asked by people “Why did you choose private school when you live inShelby?” It’s simple. When it became time to start discussing school options for our daughter,there were many factors that were important to us – Christian environment, education and small classrooms, just to name a few. As a product of the private school system myself and my husband having experienced both public and private school, we knew the only way we could ensure our children would have that would be to enroll in private school. To our delight, we have found all of the things that were important to us and more here at KCS. Our daughter is excelling in her advanced placement classes, enjoys participating in sports and is making relationships that will last her a lifetime. We knew this was the best decision we could have made for our family 10 years ago and that was confirmed last month when KCS held Spiritual Emphasis Week. The stories and videos of the kids sharing their testimonies alone just reiterated to us we had made the right decision. God is working at KCS! When people talk about private school you often hear “they don’t offer sports”, education isn’t as good”, or “the teachers don’t have to have a degree”. Nothing could be further from the truth! If your child is interested in sports this is an awesome opportunity for them. We offer all primary sports that are offered in public school (football, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball,cheer, track) and with less kids competing for spots, your child has a greater opportunity for playing time in their sport of choice. Education wise, I feel KCS offers our kids every opportunity they need to succeed in life. Our classrooms offer many of the latest technology resources you find in public school settings and with the smaller classes the teachers, who do have degrees and some doctorates, are able to work individually with students if the need arises. All this being said, we love KCS and think that you will too if you chose to send your child(children) here. Jennifer & JD Shumate, The Shumate Family

As an alumni of Kingwood Christian School myself (1981-1993), I can say that I had a great experience during my years at Kingwood and that my daughter who is in 10th grade now has had a positive experience attending Kingwood since Kindergarten.

I am secure knowing she is in a Christian, prayer filled atmosphere being taught the best education by the best educators. Not only are they the best, but I believe they truly care about each and every student.

A couple of years ago my husband and I decided it was time to make a change from public to private school.  We had a couple of private schools in the area to choose from, we made a visit to both schools.   From the moment we walked in, met Mrs. Gray and the staff we knew that Kingwood Christian was where we belonged.  My daughter whom would be starting the 7th Grade the next school year, came to do a shadow day.   She had a wonderful day.   Everyone was so nice and welcoming to her.  It can be tough when you are around that age and starting a new school, but it just felt right to her.  She was very excited about her new adventure.  My son started 1st grade the same year and has also enjoyed it.  Being a parent, it is so nice to send your children to school knowing they are being cared for and cared about the same way you do.  We love that they are being taught all the Christian values and work ethic that are also being taught at home.   All of the teachers and staff that my children have had so far has been very caring and they really want your children to succeed.  We hope to have many more year at Kingwood.

As a new family to KCS, we were a little nervous about what to expect for our 9 th grade son. He had been in public school his entire life and this was a new world for all of us. But those fears were quickly laid to rest. From our very first meeting, Mrs. Gray and every administrator, teacher, and staff member could not have been more lovely. They were supportive, flexible, and compassionate. And seven months later, we couldn’t be happier. So there’s a million reasons why we love this small gem of a school. The teachers are passionate about kids and understand the importance of educating the whole child. They share our family values and nurture him in biblical truth. But most importantly, they prove that God’s word is more than just talk. They bring HIS teachings to life and deliver it through real acts of grace, love, forgiveness, and accountability. Our only regret is not enrolling him years ago.

My son enrolled  his sophomore year at Kingwood Christian School.  The school staff  has  been so friendly and welcoming; always readily available to answer any questions that we may have.  We love the fact that the classes are small enough that each student can  receive the one on one attention he or she needs  from their teachers.  My son was initially hesitant about coming to a new school  because he didn’t really know anyone at Kingwood.   His fears were laid to rest  as soon as he walked through the school’s doors the first day of classes. He feels closely bonded to his classmates as well as the school staff.  We are so  thankful that this transition to a new school has been  such a smooth one.  Seeing the happiness in our son’s eyes and the smile on his face as he talks about his school day each day reaffirms to us that we made the right decision in enrolling him at KCS.  

Kingwood Christian is such a wonderful school! My son is learning so much academically and spiritually, what more could a parent want? Mrs. Kennemer abundantly shows love, grace kindness to her entire class and we absolutely love her!!! 

As a parent, I prayed, researched, and examined all possible educational options for my children. Finally, the decision was made to send our children to a private Christian school because we understand the value and benefits of a Christian education. We feel that nurturing a child with Biblical truth is an excellent way to equip him/her for maturity. The question of how and where to educate my children was one of the most important questions. A basic choice that many parents struggle with is that of public school vs. private school. I wanted my children to have the Bible as the center of their curriculum and have them see the world through the eyes of God. KCS offers a Christ-

centered learning environment and is committed to achieving educational goals grounded in Biblical truth. At KCS, the teachers put the Bible at the center of their curriculum and ask their students to evaluate all they see through the eyes of God. Christian values and attitudes are taught and highly emphasized @ KCS. In the few short years that my children have attended KCS, we have noticed that negative peer pressure is downplayed by emphasizing the relationship of each child with Jesus and magnifying what the Bible says about true friendship. Being surrounded daily by like-minded individuals experiencing the same Christian education helps greatly with maturing our children into a

responsible person who understands how to live every day in God’s love. Another major reason for deciding to send our children to KCS was the teacher-student ratio which is much lower

in a Christian private school than that of most public schools. This allows teachers the ability to spend time with each child. Our children receive more individualized attention from their teacher and this has greatly benefited my children both academically and personally.

In choosing KCS, we not only joined a Christian school for our children, but we were immediately given a community of support. This new community has given us a connection with other parents, families, teachers and staff who share common values, interests, goals and beliefs.

The biggest reason of all is the spiritual freedom my children are given by allowing them to pray in school, read the Bible and discover Christ in all subject classes which will in turn provide a solid Biblical foundation for our children to last throughout their lives.

The joy we have received thus far from watching our children grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, and all the money �� well worth it. WE LOVE KCS and highly recommend it anyone and everyone!!!!

Kingwood is an amazing school. My husband and I were looking for a Christ centered school where our boys would learn to love Christ and also receive an academic education that is above all that is out there locally. After being at the school for almost 3 years, I can see that the boys love the school and their teachers.  It really easy a great place to send your children to. GO LIONS!!! I recommend KCS to everyone!

We have been so impressed with the administration and teachers at KCS. We moved our oldest son to KCS last year for his 10th grade year. We just moved our other son (8th grade) this year. We could not ask for a better learning environment. The faith based learning and Christian structure is so refreshing coming from public schools. Our children can thrive in their faith and academics while they are attending school.  The academics are second to none. The teachers are amazing and very dedicated to the children. The sports programs have been instrumental in building character and a sense of unity with the other students.  As parents we feel this is the best fit for our children.  We would highly recommend KCS to anyone wanting their children to be surrounded by faith, exceed in academics and be around people that truly care about your children. We absolutely love KCS, we feel like family. Dennis & Rhonda Mitchell

You do an amazing job and I can’t speak for all the teachers because I don’t know them, but if they love 1/3 as much as Mrs. Kennemer,  and I’m sure they do, you are doing an amazing job! Even the lunch room lady came and got Trent 1 morning when he was crying. Called him by name and took care of him. Hugged him and told him she loved him. It made it easier for me to leave him knowing that she had him and she really cared about  my baby. I have zero complaints when it comes to our school. Zero! Lindsey Humphries

KCS is a great learning environment for my son who is in 11th grade. Not only has the school been there academically but also have been there as support to our family during various hardships. I’ve had one on ones myself (as a mom) with several faculty for encouragement. KCS is part of my community; helping to guide my son in a positive direction. I thank you and quite of few of your staff for the mentoring and devotion to my family.

My son, who has been at Kingwood since kindergarten is now in the fourth grade. We chose Kingwood for their Christian values, close knit family oriented staff and personnel, and quite simply because my son said he wanted to go to a school where he could learn about God. You really get a sense of being part of something instead of just being a number in a school. Everyone I have encountered Kingwood treats me and my family like a part of their family. My son really succeeds at Kingwood and he will be a student here for as long as I can make it happen.

We have two children who attend KCS, a daughter in 10th grade and a son in 2nd.  When we were initially searching for a private school south of Birmingham, we were looking for a safe, Christian-centered school with small classes.  It was also important to us that the school offer all grades K-12.  After looking at several schools, we chose KCS, and we are so glad we did.  The small classes help the teachers really get to know the students, and help them one on one.  Our kids are making good grades, but they are challenged by the curriculum, and we know they are receiving an education that is preparing them for college. 

Mrs. Gray has been an absolute blessing as a principal.  Her own daughter attended KCS, and she treats all of the kids like her own.  Her door is always open, and she is incredibly helpful and responsive.  We are huge fans of KCS, and grateful our kids are able to attend school there.

We had a 15 year old Freshman who had been to 8 schools overall.  At the suggestion of another KCS parent, he made a visit!   I received a call at work from a tearful teenager that asked me to please let him go there.  He felt like he was “home”.  We enrolled him the next day!   Soon after his tour siblings followed.  We now have one KCS graduate and two more to go!   They have been an answered prayer for these parents!   Go Lions!!!

Kingwood Christian School has been a truly wonderful experience for my son. We transferred him from public school at the end of his 7th grade year. He was unhappy, unfulfilled and needed so much more. We allowed him to visit several private schools and he chose Kingwood. In the last two years at Kingwood, which are also so crucial in a child’s development, he has remained active in SGA and sports, excelled in academics and grown spiritually. The individual attention that he has received at Kingwood has motivated him and exceeded any expectations we may have had. Our discussions at dinner regarding history and literature are remarkable. The teachers, coaches and administration are completely involved in his overall well-being. They understand what motivates him, want to see him succeed and provide a loving, Christian environment. Kingwood Christian School has been the best decision we have ever made for our son.  Thank you so very much, Maribeth Hawks

My nephews have been enrolled at Kingwood Christian for three years. I have seen them grow spiritually as well as academically.  Their confidence has soared. As an early childhood learning specialist I have witnessed the child-centered learning environment provided in each grade. It addresses the development of the whole child and not just reading, writing, and ‘arithmetic. Teaching methods are designed to appeal to every learning mode. Special needs are evaluated and met at every level. I recommend KCS to everyone! Thank you for providing such a loving, caring, start for my nephews! Susan Pearson, Colby and Russell Kelly’s aunt

“I am a KCS teacher and the parent of a KCS student. Here are the top five reasons I love Kingwood Christian School:
1. KCS is Christ-centered. Teaching and living out the gospel is top priority.
2. The administration, faculty, and staff are amazing! They are more than co-workers; they are my friends. We help, support, and respect one another.
3. I love the students and their families. Many of them have become friends, as well, and we work together to provide an excellent education for each child.
4. My son’s teachers love him and care about his spiritual life, his character, and his academic growth.
5. My son has made amazing friends who encourage him to be the best person he can be.
I’m so thankful God has called us to KCS!
(If you would like to know more, please contact me or KCS!)
” Beth Sims

“We are parents of two Kingwood Christian School students. Here are our top 5 reasons we love KCS:
1. Christ centered environment
2. Awesome faculty and staff
3. Small class sizes
4. Great opportunities in athletics
5. Our fabulous families
We have so many exciting changes at KCS and we are happy to be a part of the KCS family. If you would like to know more, contact us!
” Cindy Chandler

“I am the grandparent of two Kingwood Christian School students and I have accepted the challenge. #KCSfamily The top five reasons I love Kingwood are as follows:

1. Godly curriculum as well as being academically challenging.
2. Christian teachers & staff who have a genuine love for children.
3. Creative teaching style which promotes a desire for learning.
4. Opportunity at an early age for participating in choir, band and a foreign language.
5. Scripture is taught and memorized to help in living a godly life.
” Vickie Pounders

“I accepted a challenge at my oldest daughter’s school, Kingwood Christian to give my top 5 reasons for loving Kingwood. So, as a parent to a rising 9th grader there, my reasons are:
1. A loving, nurturing, faith-based, less stress-filled, small school environment
2. Excellent teachers and classes
3. An excellent band program (they may be small, but don’t let that fool you! They have a great program!)
4. Great, responsive administrators
5. My kid is happy and thriving there.
”  DeEtte Currie

“As a teacher at Kingwood, I am grateful that:
1. Each and every day students are taught about the love of Christ and are taught by Christian teachers.
2. Hurting familes and individuals have a school that cares about all aspects of their life – physical. mental and spiritual.
3. Our pastor, Jay West, seeks the Lord’s will for KCS and leads in a Godly way.
4. Academically, students are able to excel.
5. Our administrators, Ruth Gray and Lorna Bruso Davis, are Godly women who seek the Lord first and are fantastic instructional leaders.”  Dr. Sandra Bean

“We are so glad that our grandchildren switched to KCS this past year.  They both say they never want to go back to public school.  The teachers are so dedicated to their students and so creative in their teaching.  They have experienced so much growth academically, spiritually and in their self confidence.  There really is a difference between public and private school and it is so worth the money invested in their education.”  Vicki Pounders

“We love KCS!  Our kids are thriving, learning so much and are in a safe, Christian environment. The teachers are awesome and the staff is top-notch. We could not be happier!” Cindy Chandler

“Our son, Brody, not only received a solid education that prepared him for college, he was prepared for life! The time at Kingwood helped build his confidence, responsibility and communication skills. We attribute his many years of band for a great part of his life skills.  Our son truly loved his time at KCS.  He still loves to return and visit his past teachers. It was a great experience!” Dr. Mike and Teresa Miller

“We LOVE our KCS teachers and staff!” Tiffany Bridges

I love working at KCS and my son Will has had two great years there! Thanks to his wonderful teachere for loving and teaching him!” Beth Sims, 3rd Grade Teacher and Parent of KCS student

It is such a blessing to work at KCS. Our administrative staff and parents are so good to us.” Mary Kay Park, 4th Grade Teacher

“We LOVE KCS. For the last three years, my grandson has been there and has had wonderful teachers every year! The best part is that he loves it as well. God bless you all!” Wanda Childers 

“Michelle and I count it an honor to be among great professionals. We see all of you daily and see the love of God through your lives. We love you as you have loved us. We are very blessed to be a part of th KCS Family. God bless.” Paul and Michelle Marriott, KCS staff members

“Cassie (student) and I feel the same way.  She loves all of her teachers. I love and feel very blessed that Cassie has wonderful teachers that she loves. She has been at KCS since kindegarten to 8th grade and she loves it and so do I.  She will graduate at Kingwood. We are all family and we love the Lord. Cassie says the greatest school ever. So very proud of the teachers and staff and the small ratio. Cassie is a honor student because of this. May God bless each and every one of you.” Thelma Barret

“My daughter is a senior this year and has $1,200,860.00 in scholarship offers to 15 colleges and universities! GO LIONS!”  Ruth Gray

“My husband and I have been working at KCS for a year in maintenance. I love KCS.  Everyone is so loving–all the employees, the kids, our bosses are awesome! If my kids were young again, I would enroll them at KCS. All of the teachers, Mrs. Gray (Principal), Pastor Benny and the staff love these children as their own. They have adopted me and my husband as part of their KCS family. We love them too. KCS is not just another education. They will set your children up for success in life. The small classes and the great sports program give each student a wide variety of things to achieve. I’m glad to be a small part of making KCS successful. One thing to remember, in a world where values are becoming the thing of the past, it is great to have even a time such as this that will offer Christ-centered atmosphere. Remember, we are preparing the next generation with something that will last beyond this world–Jesus!” Michelle Marriott, KCS staff member 

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week! I cannot even express how BLESSED I am for my kids to go to Kingwood Christian School. We have been blessed with the most loving, sweet, caring God loving, smartest teachers ever. Not only are the teachers incredible, the staff, Principal and coaches are great! Thank you so much for all you have done for my kids. We love you guys so much and appreciate you more than you will ever know!” Amanda Baker

“Want to see a total change in your children? Want to be a part of their education instead of on the outside of it? Want Godly views enforced in your children every day? Then KCS is where you need to be! KCS  totally changed our lives.” Tiffany Bridges

“My continued prayer is that God abundantly blesses KCS faculty, staff, and students. I thank God for you all. Keep doing what you’re doing.  I will always tell people about KCS and their good works” Lisa Peoples 

“This time last year we were relocating from New Mexico, and we had several offers fall through when looking for a home; there was a waiting list at another school that we thought was where we wanted the kids to go. The 4th home offer went through flawlessly, and I pulled out of the final walk through and saw the Kingwood Christian school sign, so decided to google it. A week later, I randomly walked into the school and you were the only one there and talked to me for 30 minutes without an appointment. God sent you at that time in that place to ease my mind with all the changes happening in our lives.  To this day I tell people that the reason we had so much trouble finding a house was because the Lord was leading us to Kingwood. I am so thankful for your heart for our kids,  and for Mrs. Prince’s  and Mrs. Sims’  love for them as well.  We are so proud to call Kingwood our school. Thank you for all you do every day!” Natalee Perkins

“Lacie was a child in the gifted program at public school, but when she learned math her grades declined and her esteem was challenged. When we started Kingwood there was anxiety because everything she knew about math was wrong… didn’t take long to deprogram her from common core to what I call common math. Lacie is a straight A student again thanks to Sarah Jane Thorn and Kingwood Christian! Love this school.” Kristy Rastelli 

“My 2nd grader is reading at a 6th grade level after two years at Kingwood. I am very happy with them.” Mike Raney