Kindergarten / Elementary/Intermediate



Kindergarten, Elementary 1st-4th, Intermediate 5th-6th

  • Kingwood School serves students in kindergarten through 6th grades in our Elementary building on the KCS Campus. Students receive 360 minutes of daily instruction in individual classroom with a lower student to teacher ratio than what is recommended by the State.
  • Students also receive enrichment classes weekly such as Foreign Language (semester of French/semester of Spanish), Library, Art, Music and PE as well as Guidance/Character Education once monthly.
  • Curriculum is Christian-based (Abeka and Bob Jones) as well as supplemental resources such as Shurley English, Starfall, Horizons, etc. The curriculum meets or exceeds Course of Study standards for Alabama as well as Common Core Standards.
  • Students K-6th are assessed and evaluated three times yearly with the Nationally normed Renaissance Learning STAR Tests (STAR Reading, STAR Math and STAR Early Literacy). Students are measured on present level of functioning (Grade Equivalent/Age Equivalent), progress monitoring and skill intervention.
  • Students 3rd-6th grades also participate in the annual ASPIRE ACT Assessment. This is also another way of standardized measure to ensure students are meeting or exceeding goals.
  • Accelerated Reader as well as curriculum-based tests, observation and informal testing completed a well-rounded evaluation process.
  • As part of the daily curriculum, students receive instruction in Bible. Learning about God and studying His Word is part of the integral nature of instruction at KCS.
  • Weekly chapel times provide the students with a large-group of corporate worship where they interact with songs, stories and other fun ways to bring the Bible to life.
  • Students also run for office and participate in the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA is responsible for many activities during the year but most notably community service projects where they are taught to serve others.
  • Technology is highly incorporated into the classroom through ipads, projectors, laptops, ipods, mimios, etc. Students are encouraged to use technology in small group/individual learning, centers and whole group instruction.