Parent Testimonials

“I am a KCS teacher and the parent of a KCS student. Here are the top five reasons I love Kingwood Christian School:
1. KCS is Christ-centered. Teaching and living out the gospel is top priority.
2. The administration, faculty, and staff are amazing! They are more than co-workers; they are my friends. We help, support, and respect one another.
3. I love the students and their families. Many of them have become friends, as well, and we work together to provide an excellent education for each child.
4. My son’s teachers love him and care about his spiritual life, his character, and his academic growth.
5. My son has made amazing friends who encourage him to be the best person he can be.
I’m so thankful God has called us to KCS!
(If you would like to know more, please contact me or KCS!)
” Beth Sims

“We are parents of two Kingwood Christian School students. Here are our top 5 reasons we love KCS:
1. Christ centered environment
2. Awesome faculty and staff
3. Small class sizes
4. Great opportunities in athletics
5. Our fabulous families
We have so many exciting changes at KCS and we are happy to be a part of the KCS family. If you would like to know more, contact us!
” Cindy Chandler

“I am the grandparent of two Kingwood Christian School students and I have accepted the challenge. #KCSfamily The top five reasons I love Kingwood are as follows:

1. Godly curriculum as well as being academically challenging.
2. Christian teachers & staff who have a genuine love for children.
3. Creative teaching style which promotes a desire for learning.
4. Opportunity at an early age for participating in choir, band and a foreign language.
5. Scripture is taught and memorized to help in living a godly life.
” Vickie Pounders

“I accepted a challenge at my oldest daughter’s school, Kingwood Christian to give my top 5 reasons for loving Kingwood. So, as a parent to a rising 9th grader there, my reasons are:
1. A loving, nurturing, faith-based, less stress-filled, small school environment
2. Excellent teachers and classes
3. An excellent band program (they may be small, but don’t let that fool you! They have a great program!)
4. Great, responsive administrators
5. My kid is happy and thriving there.
”  DeEtte Currie

“As a teacher at Kingwood, I am grateful that:
1. Each and every day students are taught about the love of Christ and are taught by Christian teachers.
2. Hurting familes and individuals have a school that cares about all aspects of their life – physical. mental and spiritual.
3. Our pastor, Jay West, seeks the Lord’s will for KCS and leads in a Godly way.
4. Academically, students are able to excel.
5. Our administrators, Ruth Gray and Lorna Bruso Davis, are Godly women who seek the Lord first and are fantastic instructional leaders.”  Dr. Sandra Bean

“We are so glad that our grandchildren switched to KCS this past year.  They both say they never want to go back to public school.  The teachers are so dedicated to their students and so creative in their teaching.  They have experienced so much growth academically, spiritually and in their self confidence.  There really is a difference between public and private school and it is so worth the money invested in their education.”  Vicki Pounders

“We love KCS!  Our kids are thriving, learning so much and are in a safe, Christian environment. The teachers are awesome and the staff is top-notch. We could not be happier!” Cindy Chandler

“Our son, Brody, not only received a solid education that prepared him for college, he was prepared for life! The time at Kingwood helped build his confidence, responsibility and communication skills. We attribute his many years of band for a great part of his life skills.  Our son truly loved his time at KCS.  He still loves to return and visit his past teachers. It was a great experience!” Dr. Mike and Teresa Miller

“We LOVE our KCS teachers and staff!” Tiffany Bridges

I love working at KCS and my son Will has had two great years there! Thanks to his wonderful teachere for loving and teaching him!” Beth Sims, 3rd Grade Teacher and Parent of KCS student

It is such a blessing to work at KCS. Our administrative staff and parents are so good to us.” Mary Kay Park, 4th Grade Teacher

“We LOVE KCS. For the last three years, my grandson has been there and has had wonderful teachers every year! The best part is that he loves it as well. God bless you all!” Wanda Childers 

“Michelle and I count it an honor to be among great professionals. We see all of you daily and see the love of God through your lives. We love you as you have loved us. We are very blessed to be a part of th KCS Family. God bless.” Paul and Michelle Marriott, KCS staff members

“Cassie (student) and I feel the same way.  She loves all of her teachers. I love and feel very blessed that Cassie has wonderful teachers that she loves. She has been at KCS since kindegarten to 8th grade and she loves it and so do I.  She will graduate at Kingwood. We are all family and we love the Lord. Cassie says the greatest school ever. So very proud of the teachers and staff and the small ratio. Cassie is a honor student because of this. May God bless each and every one of you.” Thelma Barret

“My daughter is a senior this year and has $1,200,860.00 in scholarship offers to 15 colleges and universities! GO LIONS!”  Ruth Gray

“My husband and I have been working at KCS for a year in maintenance. I love KCS.  Everyone is so loving–all the employees, the kids, our bosses are awesome! If my kids were young again, I would enroll them at KCS. All of the teachers, Mrs. Gray (Principal), Pastor Benny and the staff love these children as their own. They have adopted me and my husband as part of their KCS family. We love them too. KCS is not just another education. They will set your children up for success in life. The small classes and the great sports program give each student a wide variety of things to achieve. I’m glad to be a small part of making KCS successful. One thing to remember, in a world where values are becoming the thing of the past, it is great to have even a time such as this that will offer Christ-centered atmosphere. Remember, we are preparing the next generation with something that will last beyond this world–Jesus!” Michelle Marriott, KCS staff member 

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week! I cannot even express how BLESSED I am for my kids to go to Kingwood Christian School. We have been blessed with the most loving, sweet, caring God loving, smartest teachers ever. Not only are the teachers incredible, the staff, Principal and coaches are great! Thank you so much for all you have done for my kids. We love you guys so much and appreciate you more than you will ever know!” Amanda Baker

“Want to see a total change in your children? Want to be a part of their education instead of on the outside of it? Want Godly views enforced in your children every day? Then KCS is where you need to be! KCS  totally changed our lives.” Tiffany Bridges

“My continued prayer is that God abundantly blesses KCS faculty, staff, and students. I thank God for you all. Keep doing what you’re doing.  I will always tell people about KCS and their good works” Lisa Peoples 

“This time last year we were relocating from New Mexico, and we had several offers fall through when looking for a home; there was a waiting list at another school that we thought was where we wanted the kids to go. The 4th home offer went through flawlessly, and I pulled out of the final walk through and saw the Kingwood Christian school sign, so decided to google it. A week later, I randomly walked into the school and you were the only one there and talked to me for 30 minutes without an appointment. God sent you at that time in that place to ease my mind with all the changes happening in our lives.  To this day I tell people that the reason we had so much trouble finding a house was because the Lord was leading us to Kingwood. I am so thankful for your heart for our kids,  and for Mrs. Prince’s  and Mrs. Sims’  love for them as well.  We are so proud to call Kingwood our school. Thank you for all you do every day!” Natalee Perkins

“Lacie was a child in the gifted program at public school, but when she learned math her grades declined and her esteem was challenged. When we started Kingwood there was anxiety because everything she knew about math was wrong… didn’t take long to deprogram her from common core to what I call common math. Lacie is a straight A student again thanks to Sarah Jane Thorn and Kingwood Christian! Love this school.” Kristy Rastelli 

“My 2nd grader is reading at a 6th grade level after two years at Kingwood. I am very happy with them.” Mike Raney